Clients like working with us because of our experience and dependability.

At Concord Land Services, professionalism and attention to detail are the only way we know how to work. For E&P and land management companies needing land services work, Concord is the trustworthy and experienced land services company that provides industry leading responsiveness knowledge, thoroughness, accuracy, friendly communication and follow through. Our approach yields great results and peace of mind, and in an industry where relationships matter, the professionals at Concord Land Services are great people to work with – trusted professionals, friendly approach, industry leading competency, senior staff, accurate work and a strong, friendly work ethic.


Bill Jamison’s extensive background and knowledge has made him one of the most respect professionals Bill Jamison in the land services industry.

He is a certified Professional Landman (CPL) with decades of experience in every aspect of land services work, including title research, lease acquisition and project management. He founded Concord Land Services because he had a specific vision about the kind and quality of land services he wanted to provide to his clients. A longtime resident of the Tyler, Texas area, his decades of experience served as the launch pad for Concord Land Services. Educated at the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Petroleum Land Management, Bill has worked as a landman in both in-house and independent capacities, giving him a unique perspective that has helped shape his reputation as a well-rounded professional land services expert.


• Certified Professional Landman (CPL)

Associations / Organizations

• American Association of Professional Landmen
• East Texas Association of Professional Landmen
• Fort Worth Association of Professional Landmen


1540 Rice Road, Suite 400
Tyler, Texas 75711




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