You can expect us to allocate experienced land services professionals and the right resources to each and every project.

You can count on Concord to provide experience, expertise and professionalism. Decades of experience in all facets of the business help us provide a level of service that our clients have come to count on. Regardless of the size of the project, Concord specializes in ramping up quickly to help our clients take advantage of every project, every opportunity, every time. Our clients count on us for:


    We are efficient and knowledgeable experts when it comes to abstracting titles, researching regulatory agency files and reviewing title opinions. Our approach includes researching all phases of lease records and division order files, along with reviewing production histories and related contracts. Our clients trust us with their property acquisition needs because, done properly, due diligence project can be difficult. Cost considerations and time restraints must be balanced against quantifiable risk (including escalating regulatory and compliance requirements).We help our clients by providing them with the capability of reviewing, analyzing and estimating costs for the due diligence process in the early steps of an acquisition. This lets us work with our clients to determine the best approach for the job. Our experience and knowledge, combined with the activities of the examining attorney(s) and company landman, allows our Concord Land Services professional staff to quickly and efficiently handle any matters that arise in the acquisition process.


    We take pride in making our comprehensive review of assets, well, compreheisive. comprehensive. Our approach is designed to determine status of working and net revenue interests, leasehold severances and ownership, non-compliance with JOA’s and other contracts and agreements.


    Our goal in every project is to plan, prepare and execute projects to achieve goals in the most efficient way. For example -- What is the best manner to run title to achieve goal? How many landmen are needed? How do you manage the data to present it to a client for the most efficient use by the in-house landman?


    The details – every single one of them – are important. That’s why our approach includes comprehensive and accurate review and preparation of JOA’s, AMI’s, PSA’s, Farmouts/Farmins, and other letter agreements.


    Concord handles it all for you. Data entry and management of oil and gas leases, necessary provisions, obligation dates, to access data by asset, project, county, reports by annual, quarter or month as to lease expirations, shut-in payments or minimum royalty payments.


    We’ve worked every side of the industry, so we know who needs what and when. So everything we do (scanning of contracts, title opinions, curative, and leases and other information) always comes organized in a manner that is extremely user-friendly to in-house land personnel.


    When it comes to mapping, pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. That’s why our services include mapping and creating databases to enable visuals of unit outlines and associated locations and, in addition, leasehold positions including mineral ownership and royalty burdens.


    In the most basic of all land services – lease acquisition – Concord excels. We are experts at identifying properties and can be leased as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    We are experienced and dependable experts capable of managing Project Management to ensure the most efficient use of manpower to achieve goals and conclusion of a project


    The experience and knowledge we bring to projects is perhaps never more important than when we are providing title curative services for our clients. The fact is, title curative is an area where failure happens more often than in any other area of land work, so our clients are very happy that we are experts at it. Our experience and knowledge helps us provide insight that paves the way for a dependable and seamless process where risk is appropriately assessed and priorities established. We are experts in the detailed review and analysis of all title documents, and we are through in providing assistance in the production of quality curative documents of record that fully repair or clarify chain of title issues. Our Concord Land Services team will competently manage decisions regarding curative requirements, perform all necessary review and analysis of title documents, and coordinate litigation and production of curative documents of record that repair or clarify any chain of title issues. Finally, we ensure that all approved documents become part of public records in counties where the lands are located to prevent future issues.


    Our clients trust us with their runsheet preparation. Abstractors typically focus only on surface titles, and attorneys are not usually as familiar courthouses and records as are professional landmen. Our professional and experienced landmen possess the full-time knowledge of courthouses, records locations and every aspect of title chain preparation. This expertise makes our runsheet preparation process seamless, efficient and effective.


    As your land services partner, Concord Land Services provides comprehensive property and lease acquisition services in active resource plays throughout the United States. One of our core strengths is lease acquisition, and we specialize in identifying opportunities to quickly and efficiently lease properties at fair and reasonable terms. Our experienced landmen, project managers and professional in-house staff prepare and execute lease contracts efficiently, quickly and accurately, and maintain a clear channel of communication all parties at all time.


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